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March 2019
Armada News

Seasons Greetings 2018 [PC]

By [CiC] Winters APCo - Posted Dec 19, 18

Seasons greetings to all Armada members,

2018 has been a truly fantastic year for the Priority One Armada and our KDF fleets, The Houses of Martok, Mogh and Grilka. Over the past year, we have been able to increase our Federation Armada level from approximately level 400, to level 540. This is an incredible achievement and the thanks goes to every single member of this great community.

Both Gamma fleet and Delta fleet were able to go from Tier 4 Starbases to fully upgraded Tier 5 Starbases. This means that Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon fleets are all now Tier 5 fleets. Throughout 2018, we were also able to get the new Colony World fleet holding to Tier 4 on almost all of our Fed fleets. This is great work - to have reached this level already. Many of our fleets are now within striking distance of hitting Tier 5 Colony in 2019.

2018 also saw brilliant advancement for our KDF fleets. The House of Martok fleet was able to get its Colony World holding to Tier 4, the same as our Fed fleets. The House of Mogh reached this milestone too, as well as being able to get its Starbase to Tier 4. In June of this year, we brought another new KDF fleet online, The House of Grilka. In just a few short months since it was brought online, it has increased from level 16 to level 52 at the time of this mail.

A couple of months ago, we decided to follow the example of our Fed fleets and create a brand new KDF armada that is fully owned and populated by Priority One members. This means that if we should ever want to expand further in the future we already have the fleets created and all we have to do is to bring them online. I can also tell you that we have some pretty cool ideas that we want to do with this new armada and we will be announcing them sometime soon.

Late last year, we brought online a new Federation fleet called the Priority One-Ferengi Alliance. This fleet was brought online as a perk for members who had shown loyalty and dedication to the Armada and earned the fleet rank of Captain in any of our fleets.

Membership is restricted to Ferengi characters only, but there are several benefits for being a member of the Ferengi Alliance. Some of these benefits are complete and full access to all fleet stores from the first rank. The promotion requirements for this fleet are between 25% to 30% less compared to all other Priority One fleets. Most members seem to use these characters as their “banking” toons which I think is pretty funny and kinda cool.

It is amazing that just after one year and with the help of every member of the Ferengi Alliance fleet that we have advanced it to level 53 already. This is an awesome achievement and every member should be very proud of this accomplishment.

Throughout 2018 we were delighted to have 15 new winners of the “Outstanding Service Medal” which is the second highest award that can be issued to any member of the Fed armada. All of these members went above and beyond the call of duty for the Priority One Armada and were unanimously nominated by the Senior Staff for the “OSM” in recognition of either their Dilithium contributions to their respective home fleets, and/or donations made to the Armada website.

So I would like to congratulate once again @wrecking, @sshar223, @RedShirt28832, @Phantom247, @Bullzz, @sean2448, @hmkabat, @shadezslayer#3534, @Ghorth, @advisorypanda, @LightningPrimo, @Chainshock, @mizzouguy1981, @BoldarBlood1 and @eris2311.

We also had a number of winners of the Klingon Honor Guard Medal which is the second highest awards that can be issued to any member on the KDF side. Once again all of these members went above and beyond the call of duty for the KDF armada and were unanimously nominated by the Senior Staff for the “Klingon Honor Guard Medal” in recognition of either their Dilithium contributions to their respective home fleets and/or donations made to the Armada website.

I would also like to congratulate again @RedShirt28832, @gakaar, @Phantom247, @illegalarmy, @eris2311 and @wk1a#7582.

In April of this year, we were honored to have 3 new winners of the Klingon Sword of Kahless. This is the highest award that can be issued to any member of the armada on the KDF side, and therefore, is the most difficult to earn. We were and are extremely happy to congratulate @wk1a#7582, @eris2311 and @illegalarmy on earning this prestigious award. For more information on this award and many others, please see the “Awards” section of the Armada’s website.


April also saw us introduce a brand new event that we hope to continue into the future. This event was the “Mirror Universe Event” which saw the Priority One Armada become the Priority One Empire. This event far exceeded any of our expectations and it was incredibly enjoyable and fun to see everyone in the armada get into the spirit of things.

Throughout the entire month of April we gave away one mirror universe ship, everyday, to one lucky member. Granted, these ships are not likely to be used for end game but they are at the very least really great admiralty cards. This was also the first time that we ran an event across all platforms, PC, XBox and PS4.

In June of this year, we celebrated our 5th Year Anniversary. It was the biggest event that we have ever done. Throughout the whole month of June, we had multiple daily giveaways and each weekend, we had a major event planned, such as the popular Where’s Winters, The Risian 500 and more. This year, we gave away just over 10 Billion EC worth of prizes during our Anniversary.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the incredible generosity of members such as @Jedi0011, @shadezslayer#3538, @g00dbar, @widespreadruin, @mandellorian#9145, @grandeombre, @desard, @majorflack, @admiralblackwel, @lirimareux, @fedora191372, @kreagar65, @vesty#3846, @alefluke#6306, @Bullzz, @sean2448, @queenbetazoid#8547, @jasonsr1975#7024, @LightningPrimo, @Raze_Trigger, @wk1a#7582, @hmkabat, @blindnhlref1, and @eris2311.

Along with celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary in June, we also celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary for our Twitch Stream. This weekly show has become very popular, not only for Priority One Armada members but also general STO players. So we would like to thank all of you for tuning in every week and for making the show a success.

I would also like to thank every member of the team that helps to produce the show from week to week. So thank you to Cat, Rikers, Hunter, Jason, Marc, Sean, Zippity and of course, to the shows Producer, James. Every week we cover the latest in Star Trek Online news as well as the latest news within the Priority One Armada. Each week we get the opportunity to highlight some of the incredible members we have in our community then we team up with you, the viewers, to earn things like Marks and Dilithium.

Follow us at:   www.twitch.tv/priorityone

Near the end of july this year we made a new and rather large update to the armada website. The update was the expansion of the awards system that we have for our Fed and KDF armadas. On top of the awards that were already in place, we now have awards for your achievements in the R&D system, Admiralty system, Duty Officer system and Specializations.

If any of you would like to learn more about the various awards available or wish to submit a request for any awards, please see the armada website.


Moving on to August of this year, we made a pretty big update to the Priority One Armada Online Store. After receiving a number of request from many members we added products for the “Priority One Empire”. While we were doing this update we also decided to add a “Priority One-Ferengi Alliance” section as well as sections for “The House of Martok”, “Mogh” and “Grilka”. So, if any of you would like to treat yourself to a cool holiday gift you can find a link to the store on the Priority One Armada website.

Just so you know, many of the Senior Officers (including myself) have made multiple purchases from the store and the products are top quality. You can find items like T-Shirts to Hoodies, Mouse Pads to Mugs and much more.

Back in October of this year we ran our second Halloween Costume Contest. The turnout for this event was really great and we were delighted to see how many members seemed to enjoy it too. I would like to thank Capt AdvisoryPanda for all the work he put into planning and funding this event and I would like to thank Adm Cat for offering to assist Capt AdvisorPanda.

Then at the end of this year we started another huge Holiday Giveaway. For the whole month of December we have been giving away stacks of Superior Tech Upgrades multiple times everyday. We had a little over 1,000 Superior Tech Upgrades to giveaway and this was thanks to every member of the Senior Staff who donated all of them. I would also like to thank VA Sean, VA Nicki, VA Marc and VA Bullzz who have been carrying out this event and giving away these Tech Upgrades to members of the Armada every day this month.

I have said this many times before on the Priority One Armada Twitch Livestreams but this community of our has grown to the point where it is simply too much for any one person to try and handle on their own. If it wasn’t for every member of the senior staff we would never be able to run any of the events that we organise throughout the year, promotions wouldn’t be carried out, awards wouldn’t be issued, the website wouldn’t be maintained etc. etc.

So, I would like to take a moment and thank all of the following: VA Alex, VA Bullzz, VA Jason, VA Marc, VA Nicki, VA Sean, VA Panzer, Adm Cat, Adm Hunter, Adm James and Adm Rikers. All of these members are the cogs that keep the machine running from day to day. I am so very grateful for your loyalty, commitment and dedication to the Priority One Armada.

Before I finish up I would like to say a very special and sincere thank you to all those who made real world money donations to the Armada website. Thanks to their generosity we were able to far exceed our goal and maintain our website at the highest level, as well as upgrade our TeamSpeak voice server to handle even more members. So thank you to all of the following:

Capt UniqueRelic, Capt @mandellorian⋕9145, VA Bullzz, Capt KorBah, Capt Kandaris, Capt Shadezslayer, Capt Marcelo, Capt Xander Hayden, Capt Jester, Norseman, Adm Cat@Eris2311, Cmdr Snafu33, Lt. C Shaggy, Capt hyperhydrar, Capt NolinStryder, Capt Dauntless, Capt PhilskiGB, Capt T'Zan, Trotil, FA Kruul, Cmdr DijonCyanide, Capt dthorpe1964, Adm Rikers, VA Nicki, Capt MajorFlack, Lt. C karmajay, Capt seal, Lt. Eukoue, Capt Battle, Capt Sumak, Lt. C Teacherguy and Capt Zim.

And the top contributors for the year out of everyone who made real world donations are: Capt rizzagarde, @BoldarBlood1, @Ghorth, @mizzouguy1981, VA Salacnar and finally Capt BOSH@Jedi0011.

If it wasn’t for all of these members we wouldn’t be able to maintain our armada network so we are extremely grateful for their continued support!

Finally, I would like to say a huge and sincere thank you to all of you, the members of the Priority One Armada. Because it is all of you that have helped to make this the community that it is. I am always so proud when I see members helping each other, or welcoming a new member to the Armada. To date we have approx 3,500 characters spread across all of our fleets and we continue to grow each day.

So, I would like to wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Live long and prosper!


Fleet Admiral Winters

=/\= Priority One Armada =/\=