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Priority One Armada  -  A Star Trek Online Armada comprising of 11 Federation Fleets and 2 KDF Fleets.
[Adm] Rikers PCXBOXif u like comedy, action, sci-fi, and lots of outlandish time traveling story plots.
Watch Future Man on Hulu.
Future Man Trailer (Official) * FutureMan On Hulu
This trailer contains: Time travel, dance battles, Josh Hutc...
[Capt] Shane@CuChulainn74 PC  created a new thread As promised, Set 2 of P1A Twitch stream screenshots in the Habitat Ring forum
[Lt.] sharkelephant1 PS4PS4 folks can I get an invite for Derlin@hothcold333 ? Thanks
[CiC] Winters@Winters83 PCThought I'd share this with everyone. So happy with it. :)
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[Capt] Blackbriar XBOX  Very cool!
[Lt.] sg-mark25 PC  registered to Priority One Armada
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[Adm] Rikers PCXBOX  welcome aboard
[Capt] Flextion PC  Yes welcome to the Armada!
[Capt] BOSH@Jedi0011 PCCapitan Kirk down sizing he's starship.
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[Capt] Shane@CuChulainn74 PC  I guess that is a just about as close to cool as a minivan can get. Close! ;)
[CiC] Winters@Winters83 PC  Hahaha, that is sweeeet! :D
[Lt.] Donata Bickaitiene PC  Cool, car look perfect :)
[Lt.] LegateCW PC  registered to Priority One Armada
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[Adm] Rikers PCXBOX  welcome aboard
[CiC] Winters@Winters83 PC  Welcome to the Armada! I look forward to seeing you in game! :)
[Adm] Mo'ra Profit@eris2311 PC  Thanks for registering to the website - and welcome!
[Lt.] ddbrown PC  created a new thread older players poll in the Quarks Bar forum
[Capt] Shane@CuChulainn74 PC  created a new thread Weekly Twitch Stream Screenshots (part 1) in the Habitat Ring forum
[Capt] BOSH@Jedi0011 PCStar Trek action figures coming out in 2018.
McFarlane Toys Star Trek action figures
McFarlane Toys will start releasing Star Trek toys in 2017, after having acquired a license to produce toys from all the prime timeline TV series and movies. They have so far annou...
[Capt] BOSH@Jedi0011 PCI bought these from the “Priority One Armada shop “ . The mouse pad and mug are excellent quality . I be soon ordering the Armada t-shirt as well. So order your items today from the store.
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[Capt] Flextion PC  Nice
[CiC] Winters@Winters83 PC  They look fantastic Bosh! I'm delighted to hear that you are pleased with the quality! :)
[Lt.] CrowSeetan PC and [Lt.] Konax PC registered to Priority One Armada
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[Lt.] Konax PC  Thank you for the warm welcome CiC Winters.
[Lt.] CrowSeetan PC  Glad to be aboard!
[Adm] Rikers PCXBOX  welcome aboard
[Capt] Blackbriar XBOXJust a reminder for those in the Xbox fleet that the Ground Fighting event will be tomorrow from 1pm until 3 pm EST. It would be great to have a full team so that we can hit some of the seldom queued ground PVEs. We'll also be going to the Dyson Sphere ground battlezone and the new Dranuur Beach Assault so we can get some of those lovely colony provisions to build up our colony holding.

I hope to see you there!
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[Capt] young@starrkicker PCStormbound has plenty of tholians early on if anyone wants to complete current endevour without queuing
Mission: Stormbound
The Tox Uthat has fallen into the hands of the Tholians. Our intelligence indicates increased Tholian activity in the Na'kuhl System. Kal Dano believes they are trying to interfere...
[Lt. C] Wrecking PC  Cool, but prefer the Tholian Red Alert....30 secs in there and 20 easily obtained.
[Capt] Rahne PCLooking at todays Patch Notes for PC (11/16/17) it seems that the Nausicaan Disruptor and Pulse Phasers are still broken! This makes me a sad bunny :(
[Cmdr] @mandellorian⋕9145 PC  I feel your pain, the crawler mine module has been broken for 4 patches now..trigger the ability and nothing happens apart from the cool down timer starting..mocking you that it actually did something.
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