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Introduce yourself, and feel free to discuss anything non-trek related here.
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By [CiC] Winters@Winters83 a Fri at 18:33
Official news and announcements.
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By [CiC] Winters@Winters83 a Thu at 11:52
This section is for any publishing group such as external websites, podcasts, Twitch channels, Youtube shows, or other media.
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News and Information concerning any of the Priority One fleets within the Armada
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By [A] Sara@blindnhlref1 Fri at 16:39
News and Information concerning The House of Martok, or any of the KDF Fleets
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By [A] Rikers a Jun 17, 17
News and Information concerning the Tribble Test Fleet. Members of any of the main Holodeck fleets may also post in here if they require an fleet invite to the Tribble Test Fleet.
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By [CiC] Winters@Winters83 a Oct 24, 16
Utopia Planitia Shipyards
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For Ship, Build, Skill and Specialisation discussions
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Computer Core
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General information and guides for STO
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By [A] Sara@blindnhlref1 Thu at 14:33
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Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By [A] Rikers a Dec 21, 16
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